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Curtis Thermal Processing (CTP) was built in 2009 and is a wholly-owned heat treat facility of Commercial Steel Treating. CTP is located less than one mile from our Curtis Metal Finishing plant in Machesney Park Illinois.


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Atmosphere Continuous

Can-Eng Furnaces

Control is the word that best describes the Continuous Furnace Lines at Commercial Steel Treating Corporation. Controls designed and engineered to minimize troublesome inconsistencies such as unexpected variation in tensile strength and hardness values, mixed work and foreign materials.

Micro-Processor controlled, the systems accurately maintain specified tolerances through all stages of the process.

  • Production Feed Rates
  • Temperatures Belt Speeds
  • Atmosphere Controls

These commands are precisely controlled and carried out by state-of-the-art technology.

Vibratory feed systems fitted with a weigh scale ensures accurate and repeated delivery of the exact amount of parts to optimize metallurgical specifications. Foreign material has been minimized With the use of magnetic belts to remove components from the quenching oil. The multiple zone tempering furnaces feature mesh belts allowing optimum air circulation and increased uniformity of hardness range. Considering the many post-treatment requirements, Commercial Steel offers both dry and soluble oil Off-loading options.

As one of the largest commercial heat treaters in the country, our continuous department contains both belt and rotary type furnaces with a daily capacity of 500,000 pounds.